Championship announcement

20.02.2020 17:05

“Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee!”

To all interactive boxing players and supporters – the moment of your glory has approached. Accept the challenge right now and fight like real sportsmen. Register and participate in the first open interactive boxing championship “Cyber Fight Challenge”. Compete with the strongest and receive the title of the “Winner of the First Open Cyber Fight”. Today, you’ve got the opportunity to get involved in real confrontation and testosterone release. Show the best of you: apply your well-thought strategy, quick reaction and sharp mind and become the first among 9000 of contestants!

We’re announcing the registration of an interactive boxing championship - open!

The “Cyber Fight Challenge” open championship is organized by Future Trading Agencies Sdn Bhd, and will be held in the period between March 1st until August 31st, 2020. The fight challenge includes nine weight divisions: Cruiserweight, Light heavyweight, Middleweight, Super welterweight, Welterweight, Super lightweight, Lightweight and Super featherweight. The competition will take place in a virtual arena and will allow only 9000 of maximum players; only 1000 players per 1 weight division.

Based on the cumulative results of the competition, the participant who scored most points will receive the title of the “Winner of the First Open Cyber Fight Challenge” and will be awarded with the champion belt in the corresponding weight category.

Ready to win? Follow these simple steps to prove your excellence: if you are new here, register* an account on sign up and confirm your participation from 20 to 29 of February – and fight!

Register today for the “Cyber Fight Challenge” open championship and become the “Winner of the First open Fight Challenge”.

In order to take part in these competitions you can apply here.